Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The tooth fairy finally comes to our house!

Not the most flattering picture, but the tooth fairy finally came to our house.  Abby was thrilled, but the whole process was a bit unerving for me.  First just seeing the tooth wiggle in her mouth gave me the creepy crawlies.  Second the tooth fell out during dinner while eating pizza.  And third -there was A LOT of blood.  There is something that happens to the inner core of my body when:  1.  I see my children get hurt   2.  I see blood on my children, coming from my children, near my children, etc.  Shivers down my spine.    Abby assured me it did not hurt and the dirty look my husband gave me assured me I better keep all the drama to myself! 

In the end the tooth fairy remembered to put the dollar bill under the pillow that night and Abby was happy to wake up in the morning to discover money for ice cream!


  1. Congrats Abby! Riley just lost one while brushing her teeth and nope, we lost it!

  2. I'm really worried that when the tooth fairy comes to visit our girls, they will wake up. I hope she has a good cover.