Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

 A busy Halloween weekend!  First up was carving the pumpkins.  That "thing" hanging down from the light is a creepy spider created by Abby and hung with pipe cleaners. 

Abby's creation

Livy's creation

For the Halloween dinner party.  Mummy dogs and Ghost pizzas! 

And  Ghost cupcakes for dessert!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Back by popular demand!

I know it has been a long................. time since I have blogged.  It's been crazy I guess.  Whose life isn't crazy right.  So rather then try to catch you up on everything -I'll just pick up like I never left!

It's cold, it's rainy.  And the fire is already going.  Plumpy is pretty much in the same spot as last year.  Took him about 3 seconds to remember the best seat in the house (and to claim it!)

It got pretty warm in here so both the dog and Livy passed out on the couch.  No, Hershey is not suppose to be on the couch.  Yes, that is a new couch, well not new, new used of course.  We never buy anything new-it just gets ruined.  That is why you see bed sheets on the couch to help prolong it's life.  The old couch pretty much disintegrated into thin air.    Don't worry he will jump down off the couch when Daddy gets home.  He knows what he can get away with and with whom. 

We decorated a Halloween Gingerbread house.  The girls did a really good job.  However, every time I look at the house displayed in the middle of the dining room table there appears to be a lot less candy on it?  hmmmmm

We also attended a Carmel apple decorating party at a friends house.  The girls had a blast decorating and of course eating.