Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fruit rainbow

This week is "Celebration week" for Abby at school. She gets to bring in 5 show and tell items to speak to the class about each day. We I struggled a bit with what she should bring in and in the end, I let her pick what she wanted no matter what the item was and what type of circus her teacher would think we lived in. She choose her favorite lipstick in the shape of a blue ladybug, the move Tangled that she got for Easter, her collection of sea glass and shells from the beach, a my little pony complete with mane combing brush, and an Easter egg filled with 16 little hearts that she made out of paper. One for each member of her class. The last being my favorite. So cute.

Other highlights for her week are running to the office with a special friend of her choosing. Turning off the lights. Erasing blackboards etc. and she also has to bring in a snack for the entire class.

One of her classmates has an allergy to gluten.  From what I have heard from Abby is that the little boy often misses out on the snack the child of the week has brought in as most often it appears to be cupcakes or cake. And also she mentioned something about her teacher complaining about gaining weight with all the delicious snacks that come thru the door. That made me laugh. Maybe I will send in a cake or some fudge. She could stand to gain a few pounds from what I can see. heh heh. Ok, getting off the point here. And I do really like her teacher, a lot. I can only wish to be that thin.......

So back to the snack. Abby choose to bring in a fruit rainbow that we had spied in a Family Fun magazine a while ago and now we had found the perfect occasion!

Here is a picture sans the marshmallow clouds. I made it the night before, stored in the fridge and just added a nice fluffy layer of mini marshmallows to the bottom to complete the look in the classroom. Abby was thrilled and proudly told me everyone, even the teacher, asked for seconds!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Never again....a long Easter post

will I buy Crayola Colored bubbles!  What a mess.  However, true to their word it all did wash off easily with soap and water- even the huge spills on the clothes came off in the wash.

It started off  a typical Easter morning- up at the crack of dawn so the girls could find their Easter baskets.

A nice brunch with our friends over at Good Gravy (she has more hilarious pictures of the day!). 

Homemade center pieces by Abby!

 An outdoor Easter egg hunt

Eating jelly beans and being silly with friends.

 A little ring around the rosie

Until somebody fell down and was doted on by 3 girls.  I think he liked that part!

And then the EVIL bubbles

Here we see the bubble stomp which turned his feet completely green!

 These weren't the evil bubbles-but the non spilling jug of bubbles (my smarter purchase).  Isn't the dress cute.  My husband said it looked like a curtain. 

Take a closer look.  She the large dark green stains down the front of the dress along with the green on the arms and face! 

The green got everywhere! 

So instead of bringing the mess inside.  We brought out warm water and soap to wash them.  And it turned out to be their favorite part of Easter!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Forcing spring!

Forsythia from our yard

Hoping it lasts a few more days for our Easter company!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What I know so far......

about Hershey.  He's short.  Really short.   His feet turn out in a funny goofy way.  He wears a diaper-yes, a diaper.  He likes to mark in the house so he shall wear a diaper until he realizes that you don't pee inside!  He doesn't have a clue what stairs are. He won't go up them and with considerable coaxing he will come down the stairs, but his rear bypasses the front and he ends up in a heap at the bottom.   He could care less that the cat exists, but loves Plumpy's toys.    He adores the kids.  He likes to howl.  A pathetic tiny howl.   He has been home with us one week today and it settling into our routine nicely.

 So embarrassing in my diaper.

and he is really, really cute.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New kid in town!

We don't really know what kind of dog he is.   Something crossed with a Corgi?  Some say Basset Hound,  Sheltie, golden retriever?  Whatever he is his name is Hershey.  The girls have added Kiss to the end.  He is short and sweet and loves kids.  He has added a bit of sunshine to our home!

 He came to us via a NH rescue and was plucked from a shelter in Calhoun County, AL.  He arrived into foster care skinny, full of worms, suffering from a severe, painful ear infection, kennel cough and Giardia.   All potentially deadly diseases.  Actually not potentially- deadly diseases if not treated.  After 6 weeks in foster care Hershey was healthy enough to make the transport to NH.  It took him three days to get here driven by vvolunteers across the country.  Despite his rocky start in life with humans all he wants to do is be around us for a pet on the head, a nap or a hug from a little girl. 

It was love at first sight for the whole family! 

You shall never be lonely again..........

Monday, April 11, 2011

First Garden Post of 2011!

We already have garlic growing from when we planted in the fall!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I won, I won!

I won the cutest little skirt for Abby from the Custard Shoppe out of Amesbury, MA.

Check out their website here!  Very cute clothes for little girls and boys!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Not blogging much!

I have not been blogging much lately.  Mostly because we had a week+ round of sickness in the house with sore throats, ear infections, coughing etc.   And in the end after taking care of everyone- I got sick too. 

It has also been very "un-spring" like.  Last Friday, big snow storm.  Today cold and rainy.  I think we just needs some sun!!

I looked back at some spring pictures I took from when Abby was young.  Before Miss Livy even came along.    I can't wait to see the yellow of Forsythia out our window!