Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Star is Born........

My husband and I are pretty sure that by the time my oldest daughter turns 16 we will be calling A&E and planning an intervention on their reality TV show “Hoarders”.   (

This is not something new, since the time she could hide, stuff, sort and organize she has been hoarding things. She is not picky in what she hoards, basically anything that is not nailed down and she can carry.
For example: This is what she stuffed below the baby doll stroller:

This is under our futon in the family room. All wrapped presents and decorated envelopes biding their time until her sister’s b-day at the end of the month.  (I counted 6 envelopes and 3 gifts) *Note -there is not actually anything in the “wrapped gifts” she just likes the tape and the wrapping paper.

My favorite however, has to be what I found under her pillow this morning……….

Is this normal?

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  1. Yes my friend, we also have a hoarder on our hands. Not so normal but maybe normal for a 4 year old princess? Love this....!!!