Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Horn worms = fun all day!

During a recent visit to my mother's garden- the horrible, destructive horn worm was discovered on her tomato plants.  They are HUGE and they can destroy a whole plant over night!  You can of course spray with toxic pesticides to get rid of them or take care of them the old fashion way- plucking them off the plant and cutting them in half with a pair of sissors.    My kids and their cousins decided another option was to keep them as pets.

I get grossed out just LOOKING at them!  I told you they were HUGE.


  1. Wow they are huuuuge!!!!

    ~the mama monster

  2. Lucky you Mom! You are so good for letting the girls keep them...ewww.

    Karen @

  3. YIKES. And after this picture was taken, the horn worm ate off Abby's ear, right?