Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fairy Triad

I have been saving this box for the perfect snowy day and today is that day.  The Northeast is getting blasted with a huge storm.   We are still in our pj's, fire is going and we are going NO WHERE today.

We have planted four different plants in this little house.  When they grow they are suppose to attract the fairies.  Which according to the package will be know to us if:  1.  We hear the bells ring.  2.  Sudden cold.  3.  Unexplained trembling of the leaves.  4.  A whirlwind or dust devil  5.  A feeling of something crawling in your hair when nothing is there.   (heh heh  I know my friend Lelan over at Good Gravy will LOVE that!)

While I am glad this product is made in the USA.  We have a little bone to pick with Mr. David W.  Our box did not include the colored fairy rocks.   So as you can see from the pics above we had to use part of our stash of shells and rocks. 

 David W. your complaint letter will be coming  in the mail any day now.

I will keep you posted if anything grows!


  1. What is supposed to happen?

  2. What a super fun indoor activity for a snowday (not to mention PERFECT for fairy lovers!)

    Can't wait to see it grows, right?

  3. I'm totally stealing David W.'s idea. Wait- it probably wasn't his idea, but I'm using it anyway. The from-scratch version should be hilarious. Will update you.