Friday, May 13, 2011

The garden is planted!

With this run of good weather we have had lately we finally got the garden planted.  Well, basically anything that could still withstand the chilly nights.  The rest is being started from seed and are on the heating mats in the sun room.  Which as I type I am remembering I really should go water them. 

We (or really my husband that is) always keep track of what we plant in our blue binder.  Just to make sure we rotate the plants around the garden from year to year and also instructions on care and harvesting. 

 I had lots of help as usual, here we see my shortest assistant in blue with her free planting technique.  Similar to free range chickens.  The seeds get to go wherever they want.  Who knows what will come up?

Lots of love goes into planting a garden too.  and one very tolerant dog, who seems to be enjoying himself! 

Back to the garden.  The garlic is coming in nicely.  The peas, pumpkins and cukes are planted.  Tomatoes, beans, basil, summer squash, zucchini, watermelon and acorn squash are started in the sun room.  Still need to purchase kale and swiss chard seeds.  Those will be new items for our garden this year. 

 Flower hill has been planted once again.    The girls picked sunflowers and Nasturtium's this year. 

More love ......

And daddy has started building a surprise for the backyard-stay tuned.............


  1. Can't wait to read all about your cultivation! This rain will help that garden get a great start but does it need the sun too?

  2. I'm already jealous about whatever Dave is building. It better not be an awesome fort for the girls. If so, I might have to trade husbands for a couple weeks. I promise he'll come home with a ton of jam.