Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Smashing Pumpkins...

Besides being a great band in the 90's.   Smashing pumpkins was a big hit in our house.  We had several USLO (unidentified squash like objects) in our garden this year.  Lots of cross pollination in our compost mostly.  So with every smash we were eager to see what was really inside that half white pumpkin/acorn squash mix or zucchini/something or other mix.   It made a hug mess in our driveway, but the girls had lots of fun!


  1. Sign 'em up for this! There's a future!!!!!! Caught a bit of this on cable over Thanksgiving..... these folks mean business!!!!! xoxo

  2. Fun times! Glad to see you updating from time to time again. These pics make me smile!