Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day!

We celebrated Father's Day yesterday.  Abby brought home this gem of a project from pre-school just for daddy.  Somewhat like my Mother's day card were I was pegged as a 25 year old-if only.

That would be a tie on the right-something my husband NEVER wears!  My favorite part is the comment "His favorite place to go is to a movie".  I have NO idea where she got that one-I don't think he has been to the movies in about 5+ years!!  Funny, 5 years, just about the same age as Abby, must have something to do with having kids and getting out of the house...............


  1. I love the last line...too cute. What a special present!

  2. I did something similar for dave - got a blank book and interviewed Julia and then she illustrated the pages. Some of my favorite responses? Daddy's job is "to make money". When he goes to work he "makes money, wears fancy clothes, and that's all because work is work." When he gets older he would like "me to push him in a wheelchair." Good times.