Monday, June 7, 2010

Garden Post # 12. Trouble

JUST when things started looking good we are under attack!  It appears there is a critter sneaking into the yard at night nibbling on the goods.  First our peas were munched, then the sunflowers were beheaded and now the ONE and ONLY cuke that we have was completely mowed down! 

What USED to be a cuke plant.

Sunflowers with no flower buds left.

Up goes the fence!

So at the rate we are going- cost for wood for raised beds, cost for soil, cost for lobster compost, cost for seeds and now cost for fence we are looking at our tomatoes costing about 25 bucks each to raise, basil at 85 bucks a handful and with our small amout of surviving pea plants- 100 bucks a pea!  Would anyone care to join us for our million dollar salad at the end of August??


  1. need to set up some sort of night vision cam to find out just who (or whom) is on the attack. They will be well fed for nice of you to plant a garden for the critters around!

  2. Just think how psyched the girls will be when you tell them they have several new sand boxes to play in!