Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Garden Post #16 Second harvest

We had our second harvest from our pathetic garden this week.  It actually was a forced harvest.  We went away for the 4th of July holiday and when we returned something had been in our garden again.  How could that happen you ask with such a great looking and sturdy fence as seen here.   Well, when your husband has not had time to put on the gates-it makes for easy picking!    Something spent lots of time mowing down the carrots, peas, squash and pumpkin plants.   So since our carrots where all "topped" with only little tufts of leaves left-it made sense to pick them as they would probably not continue to grow anymore.   Hold on to your seats-these carrots are HUGE!   Oh and there was one of Abby's cosmos flowers left-so we picked that too.


  1. You rock girl and so does your garden!

    Does this mean you won't split the CSA with me next Summer? Say it ain't so!

  2. The carrots are a riot. My daughter wanted to plany thing year but with our recent move and a mother without a green did not happen!!