Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Birthday month

This month is Olivia's birthday month.  She is turning 3.  We started off with her first party with Daddy's side of the family this past weekend.

BTW- The frosting ended up being Duncan Hines. 
My sister in law brought her blue gel dye and it worked great! 

This little shirt is SO cute.   If you look closely you can see Livy and Plumpy snuggling together in the picture and my sister in law embroidered "LOVE" underneath.  Olivia loved it.  (She used Fabric Transfer paper from Joanne Fabrics and printed out the image from her computer!)

Her next handmade gift was "Livy's gnomes".  See the box.

 Another sister in law craft with help from the cousins.  She saw the idea over at Gingercake.

and of course her favorite, ice cream.

Thanks for a great weekend everyone.  Olivia loved all her gifts (even if I did not get pics of them all!) and enjoyed a fun time with her family.


  1. Olivia looks so sweet - Happy Birthday to her! I love the pink and turquoise - so pretty. Oh and I really am digging your new banner! Abby looks like a little model in that shot....hello....Baby Gap!?