Thursday, June 23, 2011

Garden update- the ground hog

For weeks we have been watching as our newly sprouting garden is mowed down again and again.  The other day my husband took the dog out and was able to obtain photographic evidence of what appears to be a ground hog, our prime suspect. 

Okay, so it is weak photographic evidence. 
Heck this could be a Big foot sighting.

What is clear is the damage this little rodent has done.  Notice the bean plants on the right.  Big and leafy.  Notice- not one leaf remains in sight on the left.  Funny how it did not touch the other row of beans??

To the left of flower mountain (that mass of green on the right planted by the girls) you would have seen big watermelon plants growing at one time.  Now completely missing! 

Same for my herb section this year. 
The one in the front-just a twig remains. 

Besides beefing up our fence, which we have done, there is not much we can do.  We have discussed trapping and re-homing if anyone would like a pet ground hog??  Another suggestion from a neighbor was to let Hershey out after him. However, I fear Hershey would lose that battle.  He is a bit of a wimp and is afraid of bumble bees.  (Is it a coincidence we did not have this problem last summer when our 88 pound Rottweiler was around?)   My favorite suggest thus far came from an avid gardener that shall remain nameless.  In their exact words " When my friend so and so (another avid/professional gardener by my standards) sees them in her driveway they run them over with their car!".   While that does sound like a permanent solution to our problem, I am not exactly sure if that would be such a good idea to maliciously run down ground hogs in my mini van with the kids in the car......

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