Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Bingo!

My sister in law sent me this great link for a game called:  Summer Bingo.  She got the idea from:   From the Fence Post blog.   Each child gets one card per week with a variety of activities, chores etc. listed on the sheet.   When they complete the task they get to put a sticker in the square.  When they get 5 in a row they receive a ticket.   When they get a certain number of tickets they get to choose something fun to do, like get an ice cream at our local ice cream stand, have a family movie night, go the beach etc.   (You will see from the blog-From the fence post she did a prize bucket.  I skipped that in the name of "we don't need anymore junk around here"!)

Here is the link from From the Fence Post where you can download the templates and change them to fit your kids. 

Today was our first day.  Abby took to it right away.   I had to remind her that the whole card could not be completed in one day.  Olivia is working at her own speed and I made sure some of her "tasks" were simple and her level.  For instance for Olivia I had:  Give Plumpy (the cat) a treat and a hug or Use the potty by yourself.   For Abby I had harder things like:  Practice your diving in the pool or help Mommy put away the laundry

Here they are working on the task of writing Nana a letter.

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