Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Flora (or Four-ahh as Livy calls her) is my mother's old dog.  We really don't know how old-somewhere between 8-10 years old probably.  My mother found her on last winter and she happened to be fostered near where I live so I went to check her out.  She is a great dog!  She was pulled from a shelter in Missouri (strangely enough where I was born-bet you did not know that!) and for certain would have been dead (or put to sleep) if my mother had not taken her in.   Flora is vacationing at our house this week and my youngest is madly in love with Four-ahh!

*Before you smirk at the funny name of Flora- just think when my mother adopted her the name was Bertha.  So it has gotten better and to hear Livy say Four-ahh is hilarious!