Thursday, May 20, 2010

No kitty for me? you?

We went back to Harris Farm last week to visit the kitties, get milk etc.  The cats are now ready to go home with a new family.  Unfortunately I was not able to convince my husband our family needed another cat.  Something about -you already have Plumpy and I won't ever adopt another feral wild cat beast again. Darn it.

When we first were living together we adopted two feral cats (one of them being Plumpy and his sister, Winter, who died this past year from kidney failure) from a friend that found them after the mother had been killed.  To say these cats were wild is an understatement- they were 4 weeks old when they came to us (way to young to be without a mom) and we had to feed them kitten milk replacement with an eye dropper until they could feed themselves.  When they were old enough to get around they wreaked havoc on our house, climbed the curtains, shredded the furniture, ran the kitty 500 at 1 in the morning and Plumpy even got himself locked in the refrigerator!   The biggest mistake I made at that time was telling my husband we needed two cats, because they would be lonely if we only took one home.  Looking back now I realize I used that line up way to soon in our relationship-he will NEVER fall for that one again!  Double darn.

BTW Thistle turned out to be a boy.  I figure we could have just called him Mr. Thistle.

Who can resist a kennel full of kittens! 

We also got to visit the bunny, cows and goats.

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