Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rainy sick day!

It was raining out.  Both girls were sick and had low grade temps and were grouchy!  We crafted, we listened to music, we played dress up and when I thought I was going to have to hit the ON button on the TV we decided to bake!   We went with pretzels from the Bettter Home and Garden cook book.  You know the one everyone has with the red and white binder!   We had a ton of fun making these, but honestly they were like eating the bottom of your shoe.

Livy punching down the dough

Abby giving the dough a few good wacks.  Fairy princess dress a must for baking!

Wow- the dough came out perfect!

We had more fun making shapes vs. the traditional pretzel shape!


  1. Yum, they look good and I love the heart shaped ones. PS - Let Abby know I ALWAYS wear my princess dress when I bake!

  2. Okay, I pretty much cackled out loud when you described them as eating the bottom of your shoe.