Thursday, September 16, 2010

Free means NO returns!

We have been doing a little clutter clean out lately and one of the the items in our house that needed to go was our old couch.  It smelled a bit, a few food/drink stains from the kids and the cat had clawed it a bit.  So we put it out on the curb with a free sign.  It would still make a decent dorm couch-better than what I had in college!   The ottoman was taken immediately and dragged down the street.   In the next hour the couch was taken by a bunch of teenage boys who carried it down the street and around the corner.   By lunch the couch was back, missing the throw pillows.  ARE YOU KIDDIN ME??  Nothing makes you feel like more of a loser when your free couch that you are giving away gets returned!!!!   I did not see the drop off, but my husband said it was quick dump and they sped off in order not to be identified.  WHO does that?  Returns a free couch?? 

Lucky for us the next day when we put it out again it appeared to go off to a good home somewhere in a college dorm judging by the age of the boys that picked it up!

Next time our sign will say.  FREE.  NO RETURNS!


  1. Only you Holly! I swear it was the lady who works at the Chamber of Commerce who refused to let our girls dance yesterday! WHO DOES THAT?

  2. Hahaha sorry but that is funny!

    ~The Mama Monster

  3. THIS IS HILARIOUS. And totally one of those "only Holly" kind of stories. :)