Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Garden Post #20. The first harvest.

I guess we are late bloomers in terms of our garden.  We had a decent sized harvest this past weekend.

Lots of green peppers, one cuke, and some really cute small white and orange pumpkins.

One lone sunflower survived the wrath of the ground hog ..........

Abby's flower garden.  Lovely pink cosmos.  They are over 6 feet tall now!

Small baby bear pumpkins and 1 lone gourd

HUGE tomaotes!

Little pumpkins are great for decorations!

These yellow toms were from our "compost garden"


  1. I think your tomato plant may have mated with your pumpkin plant because they look like red pumpkins! How fun!!!!! I love little pumpkins~~ We are going to grow them next year.

    Enjoy the fruits of your labor~

    ~The Monster Crew