Monday, September 20, 2010

Keeping it all straight!

The other day Abby came home from school and told me a horror story!  One of her friends forgot to wear their sneakers on Gym day and had to sit out. YIKES!  GULP!  To a five year old THAT is a big deal.

 So far I have been able to remember what day of the week she has music, art, gym, library, recess etc.  However, last week she was allowed to bring HOME the library books to be returned every Friday.  That put me over the edge.  I can't remember it all, plus risk not sending her to school with sneakers on gym day to only be tossed out of class.  How sad that would be AND I would not hear the end of it from her!  And you know it would be all MY fault if she forgot that library book!!

So to help keep my sanity I put together this little sign.  One posted in her room and one posted downstairs on the back of the door.  I thought it would keep me straight, plus help her learn days of the week, spelling and good practice at keeping a schedule!


  1. I completely understand! I am trying to get my daughter's schedule straight too! I LOVE your idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This reminds me when you used to make long lists of what you needed for a horse show. Mom

  3. Cute little sign! Last year Riley was forced to sit out when she didn't have white soled sneakers. You see, she wore Stride Rite sneakers but to the old school teach, they had to be white soled. Yes, she told me this info in February and I was horrified! Would have been nice to know that earlier in the year. Anyway! I may print a similar list!

  4. Nice work! And is "trimester" a kindergarten word?