Friday, November 5, 2010

Another project and a good husband.

I have been looking for a side board/buffet for a while now. Our new (but really old) kitchen does not have as much storage as our old house. So I still have a lot of dishes, linens etc. in boxes taking up a lot of room in my bedroom closet.

Last week the girls and I were headed to town and I spotted this little number on the side of the road. $35 and she can be yours! ohhhh awwww. I had to have it. Would she fit in my van. Could I even lift it? We stopped in and after paying the cash (I had EXACTLY $35 -wow is that a sign or what!) and talking to the nicest grandma and her two grandchildren I made arrangements to have my husband come back later and pick it up. Hmmm, now to tell him. Luckily he was busy at work and could only talk for a brief minute-I told him what I had done, where to pick it up, said it was already paid for and hung up on him before he could even get a word in! When he arrived home later with it (after giving me a bit of a hairy eyeball) he said "not bad, better than most of the crap you find on the side of the road. And for $35-pretty good deal!" Oh that husband of mine, such a good sport...........

Now what color to paint it?

I actually like the handles, but it is missing a few as you can see. So I may keep three of them for the large middle drawers and find new ones for the side drawers.


  1. Very pretty! What color is your kitchen? If it works....I vote for yellow....I love yellow :)

  2. I think you should let the girls fingerpaint it!

  3. Love it!! How's the project coming along? Can't wait to see the finished piece! Love Dave...he's so great with words. I will never forget the famous "decor is French for crap" line. He's a funny boy! LOL