Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Don't put the baby in the washing machine!

Trust me, don't.  No matter how much vomit is on the doll-there must be another way.   Here is Olivia's baby (for days now) hanging in the laundry room.  Her cloth body has dried (still has a little odor to it), but her head, legs and arms are full of water.  Give a shake and all you hear is slosh slosh slosh.   So far Olivia has been appeased with her sister's baby doll at night (thank you big sister) and other various stuffed animals, but the same question is asked every nap and evening:  "is my baby dry yet?"   Not sure if we can keep this up till Christmas when a new baby will arrive (again thank you big sister for suggesting she ask Santa for a new baby).   

My husband had a thought.  He could drill holes in her head, arms and legs to get the water out.   Errr, not sure that is the best plan............


  1. I'd think you'd be able to pop the head and limbs off the doll to get the water out, no? This would horrify any child, of course, so you might want to wait until after bedtime. You can always duct tape those parts back on if it doesn't work right. Good luck! Love the photo.

  2. What do you have to lose?