Thursday, November 11, 2010

School project and another use for fabric scraps!

Abby had to construct a totem pole box for school.  Bascially she had to decorate a shoe box with all the favorite things she likes to do.  At school they will stack them in a totem pole fashion to display to the school.

Here we see Livy using the "pile it on" method with glue and fabric

 Here is the start of Abby's box.  She loves the beach so we have water and sand.

 yes, the sand was messy-but they had fun.

In case you can't tell- that is Livy and I on the beach.

This is Abby and Daddy out in the ocean.    In the front you can see we like Fancy Nancy and ballet!

The remaining sides of the box included a Halloween/pumpkin theme and more pictures of her family colored in with their favorite colors!


  1. They did a great job! Very creative! :) (Denise)

  2. SUPER cute and SUPER creative project! Love those artsy girls, must get it from Mama!

  3. You know where to find me when you decide to use paper scraps.