Monday, March 28, 2011

Maple Syrup Season in New England

Last weekend was the big weekend for maple syrup farms in Maine to open up their sap houses to the public.  We were lucky enough to be invited to a private sap house to watch how syrup is collected and made.  My kids loved it.  But I have to be honest-I think the biggest kid -my husband- enjoyed it the most!  Maybe it was the beer or the male bonding, but he enjoyed learning the whole process.   In fact, he has already offered to help again next year.

It smells SOOO yummy inside!

 Syrup face.

While the males bonded and processed the syrup the moms cooked about 100 pancakes, bacon and sausage to bring back down to the sap house for dinner to be enjoyed with all the fresh maple syrup! 


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  1. These are fabulous pictures and what a great way to celebrate the fun!