Thursday, March 17, 2011

Moving forward...

or at least getting into a new routine since the loss of our dog, Tia.   As you can imagine grieving with children is very different.  There are lots of very tough questions to "try" and answer and some that just make you laugh out loud.  and some, well, are just plain not helpful.........

Olivia " Mommy, don't cry, we will just get another one"

Abby "Mommy, how does Tia get to Heaven, is there some special kind of vet car that takes her there"

Olivia "Mommy, boy you are gonna be sad when Plumpy dies"

Abby (this is asked of me on a daily basis)  " Mommy, are you still sad about Tia.  Are you gonna cry again?"

On a special note, this little reminder arrived at our house this past week from our vet.  It was all wrapped in tissue paper and a ribbon.  A very nice imprint of her giant paw.   They were very kind about the whole thing.

and some really nice friends sent us this fruit bouquet.  The girls loved it.  You would have thought they delivered a basket of kittens and money the way they were so excited.

Yes, Abby is wearing a bathing suit.  I have no excuse-it was just easier to let her wear it vs. argue.

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  1. Thinking of you and love the paw garden stone, how cute is that!

    You need to get over and enter my giveaway from the Custard Shoppe because that little butterfly skirt is one that Abby would love to wear this Spring!