Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Saying goodbye

We had a tough weekend.   We said goodbye to our dog Tia that has been with us for 10+ years.   Our house is quiet, you don't realize how much noise and room an 88 pound dog consumes until they are gone.  The girls are dealing with it differently.  Abby is more aware that she is not coming home.  Olivia will probably ask me next week where she is.

I think maybe I am the most sad.  Being a stay at home mom during the day sometimes the days are long and the hours are longer.  She was company for me.  She entertained the kids, she herded them from room to room and was never very far from all the action.  She watched while Abby got on the bus, she followed Livy and I upstairs for books and nap time, she was always in the same room with me while I scurried around cooking, working, blogging and cleaning during my 2 hour reprieve from children.  She waited patiently at the front door for Abby to return. 

She was our protection when sometimes it felt like I was the only person home in the middle of the day in our neighborhood.  She would bark and growl at anyone that approached the door.   She was always the first one in to "secure the area" when I would hear something strange in the basement or in the walk up attic.   I would feel safe when the kids and I were exploring in the woods.

I now have to vacuum the floor after we eat dinner or enjoy a snack on the couch.  There are crumbs leftover and nobody to eat them.   I throw that last bite of meatloaf, that nobody could eat at dinner, in the trash thinking of how much she would have enjoyed it.

She slept on my side of the bedroom for 10+ years and now when I wake up that corner of the room is empty.  

I miss you Tia, you old stinky dog.  I hope wherever you are now there is no more pain and you continue to watch over our family.


  1. Tia was a special dog and I will miss her "overnights" here. I also felt very safe with her around the house as she was ever alert. Affection was also part of her personality which she often showed by leaning into you and snorting. Maybe she was saying she was the pack leader but that is ok too. She was.
    The girls have learned that dogs are part of life and wonderful companions. What a great thing to know.
    Tia will be missed.


  2. So very sad! She was an amazing girl! It takes time to get back to "normal", but I don't think you ever get over it or forget....they are family. I am here if you need a shoulder to cry on or a hug. :)

  3. I am heartbroken for your family. Hugs!

  4. A very touching tribute to Tia. She was such a loving part of your family. The pictures really say it all. Jan

  5. So sorry to read this...I can imagine what a difficult time it must be for you. Keeping you in my thoughts. Karen