Monday, April 25, 2011

Never again....a long Easter post

will I buy Crayola Colored bubbles!  What a mess.  However, true to their word it all did wash off easily with soap and water- even the huge spills on the clothes came off in the wash.

It started off  a typical Easter morning- up at the crack of dawn so the girls could find their Easter baskets.

A nice brunch with our friends over at Good Gravy (she has more hilarious pictures of the day!). 

Homemade center pieces by Abby!

 An outdoor Easter egg hunt

Eating jelly beans and being silly with friends.

 A little ring around the rosie

Until somebody fell down and was doted on by 3 girls.  I think he liked that part!

And then the EVIL bubbles

Here we see the bubble stomp which turned his feet completely green!

 These weren't the evil bubbles-but the non spilling jug of bubbles (my smarter purchase).  Isn't the dress cute.  My husband said it looked like a curtain. 

Take a closer look.  She the large dark green stains down the front of the dress along with the green on the arms and face! 

The green got everywhere! 

So instead of bringing the mess inside.  We brought out warm water and soap to wash them.  And it turned out to be their favorite part of Easter!

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  1. I love this story and the cutest pictures EVER! What a fabulous tubby time with friends!!!