Thursday, April 14, 2011

New kid in town!

We don't really know what kind of dog he is.   Something crossed with a Corgi?  Some say Basset Hound,  Sheltie, golden retriever?  Whatever he is his name is Hershey.  The girls have added Kiss to the end.  He is short and sweet and loves kids.  He has added a bit of sunshine to our home!

 He came to us via a NH rescue and was plucked from a shelter in Calhoun County, AL.  He arrived into foster care skinny, full of worms, suffering from a severe, painful ear infection, kennel cough and Giardia.   All potentially deadly diseases.  Actually not potentially- deadly diseases if not treated.  After 6 weeks in foster care Hershey was healthy enough to make the transport to NH.  It took him three days to get here driven by vvolunteers across the country.  Despite his rocky start in life with humans all he wants to do is be around us for a pet on the head, a nap or a hug from a little girl. 

It was love at first sight for the whole family! 

You shall never be lonely again..........

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  1. tears!!!!! thank you for rescuing this sweet baby!!! looks like a match made in heaven!!!! <3