Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fruit rainbow

This week is "Celebration week" for Abby at school. She gets to bring in 5 show and tell items to speak to the class about each day. We I struggled a bit with what she should bring in and in the end, I let her pick what she wanted no matter what the item was and what type of circus her teacher would think we lived in. She choose her favorite lipstick in the shape of a blue ladybug, the move Tangled that she got for Easter, her collection of sea glass and shells from the beach, a my little pony complete with mane combing brush, and an Easter egg filled with 16 little hearts that she made out of paper. One for each member of her class. The last being my favorite. So cute.

Other highlights for her week are running to the office with a special friend of her choosing. Turning off the lights. Erasing blackboards etc. and she also has to bring in a snack for the entire class.

One of her classmates has an allergy to gluten.  From what I have heard from Abby is that the little boy often misses out on the snack the child of the week has brought in as most often it appears to be cupcakes or cake. And also she mentioned something about her teacher complaining about gaining weight with all the delicious snacks that come thru the door. That made me laugh. Maybe I will send in a cake or some fudge. She could stand to gain a few pounds from what I can see. heh heh. Ok, getting off the point here. And I do really like her teacher, a lot. I can only wish to be that thin.......

So back to the snack. Abby choose to bring in a fruit rainbow that we had spied in a Family Fun magazine a while ago and now we had found the perfect occasion!

Here is a picture sans the marshmallow clouds. I made it the night before, stored in the fridge and just added a nice fluffy layer of mini marshmallows to the bottom to complete the look in the classroom. Abby was thrilled and proudly told me everyone, even the teacher, asked for seconds!