Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bathroom makeover!

While bathrooms might not be a hot topic to blog about, I was very excited when my husband decided to tackle this project. 

Unfortunately, I did not take before pics-so you will just have to imagine the entire bathroom covered in this hideous wallpaper that would make you dizzy.  Keep in mind there are no windows in this bathroom!   The previous owners had also added blue plastic knobs to the vanity.  ugh

 The mirror was the second thing to go.  It was a large mirror that hung out past the vanity and was not centered.  It was also held to the wall with these ugly clips.  (Just like in my downstairs bath/laundry room in this picture).  Basic (i.e. cheap)  builder grade mirrors. 

The after shots.  A little artwork from my friend over at the Paper Stork.  See her stuff on here.

Keeping up with the duck theme.  I did say this was the girls bathroom right?

Dave's new mirror design.  He cut down the big old ugly mirror and added the trim/shelf and painted it white.   Total cost $Free.  He had all the stuff in the basement. 

New wall color- Sandpiper from Sherwin Williams.  Love it!


  1. Super cute!!! Our old bathroom was duck themed and that was before we had kids... I am pretty sure my husband thought I was nuts but what's new? =)

    ~The Mama Monster

  2. I love it! That Dave of crafty.