Thursday, October 14, 2010

Remember the compostable Sun Chips bag..........

Remember when I posted about the new Sun Chips bag?  It has been 7 months to the day and the bags have not broken down at all in our compost bin.    They just keep getting turned in and over throughout the bin-loud and crunchy.

Check outthis article from the news hompage!

Frito-Lay Bags SunChips Bags

By Amanda Geronikos

Tue, 05 Oct 2010 15:33:57 GMT


After about 18 long, loud months, Frito-Lay is bagging five of its six SunChips bio-degradable bags immediately. Why? Consumer complaints have been piling up and sales are sliding. Sure, the new packaging has been great for the environment, but not so much for the ears. Many have compared the compostable bags’ sound to that of a lawnmower or a jet engine. I've even heard a newscaster claim the SunChips bags could wake the dead. Consumers have been so annoyed with the loud packaging that they’ve taken their Frito-Lay frustrations to Facebook, where they’ve shared their thoughts in groups like, Sorry But I Can’t Hear You Over the Sun Chips Bag and Sun Chips : The Proud Maker of the Loudest Chip Bag in the World.
"Clearly, we'd received consumer feedback that it was noisy," says Aurora Gonzalez, a Frito-Lay spokeswoman, as mentioned in a USA Today article. “We recognized from the beginning that the bag felt, looked and sounded different."
For now, the company is returning to its old bags, while it quietly, but quickly, works to create a new, less crunchy-sounding, eco-friendly bag.

What do you think of the SunChips bags? Do you like the eco-friendly bags or the original packaging? Sound off here.


  1. SUPER noisy and just a gimmic if you ask me. I think the proof is in the pudding, if those bags STILL haven't broken down!

  2. I read about this and immediately thought of you and your bags. So noisy!