Thursday, October 21, 2010

Paper Plate Skeleton

Thanks to my sister in law K for the great link to this blog.  Naptime Crafts!  

The Above the Dam Jam crew came over this week to help us create these great skeleton's! 

First let me say- I was only able to find the brads needed for the joints at Staples.  Don't bother looking at the other two big box stores-they did not have them and they don't have anyone who works there that would know where they are IF they did have them.  You know the stores I am talking about-the one that starts with W and the other starts with T and you can't spend less than $100 everytime you go there!

Anywhoooo.  We ran into a few problems here and there and in the end had a few left over body parts-but hey they still look great!

 We had the girls color the body parts as we cut them out!

 Don't you dare try to tell this girl she can't wear her Christmas tree shirt in Oct........

I think they are missing a humerus and a femur.... or two, or three...... 


  1. Maybe your kids can help me with the Slim Goodbody costume? :)

  2. Came out SO cute! Love this!