Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This makes me happy!

As everyone knows (or they do now) I am a huge animal lover and according to my mom I have been since I was little.   Right now our "herd" is small, but both pets are rescue animals.   Before kids I was very active in NERR which is a rescue organization for Rottweilers in New England.  I saw some pretty sad, abused animals come through including some of the dogs we fostered. 

I was delighted to see this video clip on Fox news the other day about animal abusers having to register with the county and a public website being created.  See link here.

Here is another link to a newspaper article.  See link here.

The long and short of it is:

"The people in Suffolk County, N.Y. have had enough with animal abusers, and now a law has been created to prevent such abuse.  Last week county officials moved to create the first animal abuse registry in the nation. People convicted of animal cruelty will be required to register or face fines and jail time.  The registry is also intended to prevent such offenders from escalating and moving on to violence against humans."

This is HUGE!!  They are working on setting up a website so the public will be able to log on and see who local animal abusers are in your town.  Who not to buy a dog from and also breeders/rescue groups/shelters can log on and see who not to adopt/sell an animal too.  Other states are now trying to adopt similar laws and I am hoping this is something that spreads accross the U.S.

Both cats rescued after they were found in a shed about 4 weeks old without their
mother who was hit by a car.

Both dogs adopted from NERR.  As you can see Tosh the three legged one was the result of animal abuse-he was our foster dog who ended up staying forever until he passed two years ago as a result from his injuries before he was rescued.  Despite their history I could not have asked for better dogs with my children and for my family.


  1. That is awesome!!!! Let's educate people on what is going on out there! I too work in animal rescue. No longer in the actual fostering, or pulling of animals but now on the fundraising side of things... This is huge!!!

    ~The Mama Monster

  2. Did you cry when you wrote this blog? I did when I read it! You rock. I think you need another cat-- or dog. Whatever. Just let me know, and I'll drop one off! :)