Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Elf on a Shelf!

Yes, we have the Elf on the Shelf.  Yes, some people find her a little creepy-like Lelan over at Good Gravy.  But so far she has not turned into any Chucky type killer doll and the kids have fun finding her new hiding spot every morning.  Oh and I have used the "Penelope the elf is watching you-I sure hope she does not report (insert bad annoying behavior here) to Santa"    Hmmm, maybe it makes it less creepy when the Elf is a girl.   Don't ask me where that name came from, but Abby named her last year.

Here she is last year hiding in the ceiling before it was fixed (burst water pipes!).  Oh how I miss those holes-they made such great hiding places........... NOT!


  1. We have an elf...just not THAT elf (hee hee hee). He is a little scary...just wouldn't want to find him in the dark...

  2. Cracking me up!!!! I have been meaning to get an elf but the thing really freaks me out!!! hahaha...

    Have you done the Santa video to your kids? My kids were amazed... You probably have to do them seperate for your kids cause they may catch on that Santa says almost the same thing besides the name.

    Super cool though!!!!

    ~The Mama Monster

  3. Our elf looks just like your elf! Joe and I joke (really, it's more evil laughter than ha-ha funny) about what would happen if one of the girls woke up and Jingle Bells (our elf) was sitting right on her bedside table just staring at her a couple of inches away. AAAAhhhhhhh!!!!! Better not be naughty!

  4. That photo from last year looks like the elf busted through your ceiling on his own. See? Totally creepy.