Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last minute Christmas idea.

You might rememeber on Abby's Christmas list to Santa she wanted a Christmas Tree for her doll house.   I honestly looked in about 15+ stores for a darn small doll house sized tree.  I even pleaded with my friends on Facebook for suggestions.   Finally I found this little number at Michaels.   I thought it lacked a little pizzaz alone so I made the small presents.

My 5 minute directions for making teeny tiny presents!

1.  First eat your weight watchers meal so you can use the cardboard box.   I cut one small square from the cardboard and used it as my templete for all the squares.  See layout below.

2.  Cut out your box pattern.  Fold on the lines to form your box.   And use lots of tape!

3.  Look- tiny mac and cheese boxes!

4.  Wrap and decorate.  Ta da!  I think she will like it. 


  1. Turned out super cute!!!!

    ~The Mama Monster

  2. That looks great! Very clever.


  3. Hope Abby does not unwrap the presents and think Santa eats WW. She is one smart girl.