Thursday, December 2, 2010

Success! It IS warm in here.

The other day I blogged about the install of our new fireplace.  Well it is finally up and running- the home insurance company came and gave us the ok.   So to all the folks out there that normally come visit us during the cold weather (you know who you are-some are even related) who wear many extra layers and complain about being cold and ask to borrow another blanket at night, just in case.............  The proof is in the pudding.  Or in the Plumpy as it may be............

and gosh dang it IF you are still cold the kids will give you an extra paper towel to bundle up with!

Guess all our human guests had the real blankets and the girls had to improvise. 
It is the thought that counts right?


  1. I love that the cat doesn't even care that there is a papertowel on top of it! =)

    Okay you are cracking me up with the ice hockey comment! hilarious!!!!

    ~The Mama Monster

  2. The cat pretty much says it all. He love that warmth - and what a nice blanky he has!

  3. Can I sleep next to the fire with Plumpy?