Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Family Dog!

I have blogged about the cat, now time to give the dog some props and the wonderful organization we got her from!  Thanks North East Rott Rescue!

Tia is actually our third Rottie that we have owned and our second one from NERR.  Sadly we lost Tosh two years ago.  Tosh was the first recipient of the Bobbi Fund at NERR.   After being hit by a car when he was just a puppy and neglected by his owners he needed to have his front right leg amputated.  NERR performed the life saving surgery and Tosh came to us as a foster dog to recover.  Tosh put an end to our fostering days and became a permanent member of our family!

Tosh and Abby

Tia and Tosh

Tia has been a wonderful family dog.  Abby "tolerates" the dog, but Olivia LOVES her. 
Our little dog whisperer.

One VERY patient dog!


  1. Ok, that last photo made me laugh out loud.

  2. Julia loves your dog too. So cute!

  3. That dog is HUGE! Who needs a playhouse when you have the family pup?

  4. Tosh was a wonderful dog. He was not too bright but lovable. He gave a new meaning to counter surfing.