Monday, April 19, 2010

Garden Post # 6.

We finally had a few little plants sprout up, but they are looking pretty sad. At this point we are thinking we will have to purchase seedlings. We did end up buying two heating mats to put under the plants, but they may have arrived too late. Most likely (according to more experienced gardeners-the seeds have rotted) AND the little seedlings that did come up met their ultimate demise this morning........

It was an ordinary Sun morning, much like any other, kids messing up the playroom, Daddy cooking breakfast and just general mayhem. It took my brain a while to register what my youngest was saying "I pick, I pick, I pick" and by the time I turned to tell her –“honey,no picking the plants” it was too late. She was pretty upset too.

Livy at the scene of the crime

Rest in peace my little sprout.