Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just in time for Easter!

I almost fell out of my seat when I spied this wonderful craft over at Little Bunny Feet!   What a great idea for the girls Easter baskets-just what I was looking for.  Little Bunny Feet has great directions on how to make these easy hair bows and I stayed up way to late last night putting together a few!

Ribbon and buttons I had in my sewing/craft box

A HUGE bag of leftover fabric scraps my mother gave me- she enlisted all her
sewing pals to save leftovers for the girls craft projects.  This will be project # 2 used with this bag. 
See our other fabric craft here.

 Fabric I found that was wide enough and long enough.

My supplies which included the remote and TV watching!

Wow- these were so easy to put together!

Putting the ribbon on the hair clips was a bit more tricky.  Note:  hot glue is hot.  duh!

The end results with the buttons on.  There are so many ways you could make these hair clips/bows!


  1. I love that you and I both came to the realization that hot glue is HOT. Ouch!

    Adorable clips!!!!

  2. Never mind - found them. You are so crafty - I ask for directions like I am actually going to motivate to make these. I have a hot glue gun, but no fabric, no buttons, no barrette backs... hmmm... think I am a little lacking when it comes to this project. Julia's just going to have to be satisfied with her mommy who runs, bakes, and cooks... They ARE super cute though.

  3. Those are wonderful and look great.

    One rule with a hot glue gun is to have a glass of water on the table to stick your finger in when the glue drops onto it. I learned this from a boy in one of my sixth grade classes. I had set up the project and over he came and added a glass of water. Guess he had used a hot glue gun before.


  4. I was equally thrilled when Little Bunny Feet posted that tutorial. The girls will have such cute hair clips!