Friday, April 9, 2010

Garden Post # 4

HOUSTON we have a problem!  NOT ONE plant is growing!  NOTHING is poking through the soil??

I am hoping that something pops up very soon or I am going to dig them up and see what is going on under all that dirt.  hmmmmm, maybe I don't have the patience for this gardening thing???

On a good note, we finally got the garden/compost mix delivered for the raised bed.  We have been getting so much rain it took over 2 weeks for it to be ready for delivery.   Hopefully something will grow outside.  This weekend we will plant the peas, lettuce and carrots.  Wish us luck- looks like we need it!!


  1. Are the plantings being kept warm? I have mine on top of a heating pad and a couple are starting to come up after 5 days. It takes time and it has not been very warm lately. You can also put the planter on top of the dryer when it is working. We need some sun!


  2. They'll come through - don't worry!

  3. Maybe your husband had a good thing going by putting them in the sun last weekend. ;)