Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Animal Tracks

When I went to take our dog, Tia out one morning this week there was a fresh layer of snow and traveling from under our back sunroom into the woods were animal tracks.   What could it be........... skunk, racoon, yeti, giant man eating squirrel???????? 

Here are a few practice tracks to identify then you decide:

The snaggle tooth

My Gun Boats

Pictures of the unidentified prowler. 
I am thinking racoon?? 

What do you think? and what was he/she doing on my back porch?


  1. Maybe raccoon....but maybe skunk? Let's go with raccoon! Probably smelled some of your yummy recipes and wanted to come in for dinner!

  2. Skunk - good thing he didn't get spooked!

  3. Chris thinks this is a fisher.