Monday, March 22, 2010

Plumpy Stew

We have a joke in my house that whenever the girls ask (or whine) about what's for dinner, I say Plumpy Stew.  Plumpy is our cat and he weighs about 20 pounds.   Yes he is fat, but he is also big boned and tall, really he is......... Even though Plumpy Stew sounds like a sick joke, the girls think it is hilarious and come up with reasons why we can't eat Plympy Stew.  No MOM, he's to furry, No MOM, he won't EVEN fit in the crockpot, No MOM we can't b/c Livy loves him to much.  And that is an understatement.

See how big boned he is-figure Livy weighs about 23 pounds and Plumpy is just a tad smaller.


  1. I think Plumpy and Oobie should have a weigh-off! We'll cook the one that is biggest - ha, ha, ha (joking, of course!)

  2. Oh, that photo of Liv looking at Plumpy is too cute!