Friday, March 19, 2010

The Learning Tower

I have gotten a few emails asking me "What is that purple thing your kids are standing on while they help you cook?".    That my friends is the best invention since sliced bread!  The Learning Tower

My husband acutally built this one for them from scratch by looking at a picture of it online and talking to his brother who had one b/c they cost about $200 each (not in the budget at the time).  The platform is adjustable so it can be lowered as your child grows and it allows them to reach the counter, but the 4 sides prevent them from falling off.  I know if I had $200 I would consider the purchase of one of these money well spent!!

It also makes a great hiding place!


  1. Super cute- I didn't know they made such a thing!

  2. that is such a neat idea. I should have one even though my girls are to old for it (19 & 24) we have little ones here all the time and I'm always afraid they'll fall off the chair...would your talented husband want to make anymore???


  3. Sorry Natalie-I think we would run into patent infringement!

  4. oh and BTW I saw one of these (in white) on HGTV Sat night on Genevieve Gorders show! Her little girl was standing on it in her kitchen-so cute.