Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vintage Dresses!

My mother recently gave me these dresses that I wore when I was young.   I thought I would display them in my 2 year olds room instead of just storing them away.  This also got me thinking...........  what dresses/outfits should I be storing away to pass down to my two girls when they are mothers??

I must have been about age 4?

This should fit Olivia for Easter this year!

This was given to me by my mother in law.  My husband wore this outfit when he was little.  She also passed down the really cool pink cat hangers.


  1. I love, love, LOVE that yellow number! These are beautiful and what a perfect Easter dress!

    I have about 6 bins of assorted clothing that I need to go through and decide what to save, what to pass on. It's hard to go through, makes me a little teary eyed actually. Don't ya just love being a Mom? ;)

    Oh and Abby looks just like you at that age! Twins!

  2. Tough decisions... what to keep, what to get rid of?...

  3. You're killing me with that photo of you as a kid. But I love the hub's knitted onesie! You should definitely hang these up!