Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Garden. Post # 1

We spent most of the beautiful spring time Saturday outside building our raised bed garden.     This will be our first garden at this house.  My husband and I have done a small garden before when we were first married, but it consisted of his old broken hockey sticks for sides and we grew just tomatoes and hot peppers.  (Which when we hung them with dental floss inside the house to dry to use later to cook with- the one and only Plumpy ate them all!   I won't even tell you what the litter box looked like that week.......)

Anyway............ this year we plan to grow tomatoes, peas, carrots, cukes, lettuce, spinach, pumpkins, 3 kinds of squash and basil.   We picked a sunny spot in the back yard, used leftover lumber that we had and I think it looks pretty good!

The old owners had an above ground pool that killed all the grass.  Looks like a good spot!

No, my husband is not an engineer, he is just anal thorough .  Laying out the design with paint on the grass.

Worm hunting.

Digging out all the grass.

Worm catch!

The final product!!


  1. Looks great! Can't wait to capitalize when we are there in the summer!

  2. These pictures are adorable! This is going to be a beautiful garden!!!

  3. The anal, er..."thoroughness," is really paying off here. You're putting many garden beds to shame!

  4. That looks great! The girls will have so much fun watching it all grow!