Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Curtains on a budget!

I saw these wonderful curtains online at one of my favorite over priced stores.  You know the one, they have their baby store, their teen store (this is where I saw the curtains) and the home store and everything is really expensive, but so cool.    The curtains were $69, not per set PER panel.  WHAT!  I am not going to spend $276 on curtains for my 4 year olds room.  So, I bought simple white tab top curtains for $14 a PAIR and the ribbon & thread for about $20.  In the end-I made all the curtains for her room for less than the price of just one panel! 

Getting everything organized.  This machine was my mother's from college!

I washed the ribbon and curtains before I began to sew and gave them a quick iron.

I pinned the ribbon in three sections, leaving the bottom ribbon to be sewn on last.

The final product! 


  1. They look fantastic! Great work, lady!

  2. Again, you are very talented...where is that Etsy shop! Seriously!

  3. Okay, seriously. You are beyond crafty. I'm with Jessica on questioning why you don't have an Etsy shop yet.

  4. The curtains look wonderful. Ah, if that old sewing machine could talk. Maybe it is a good thing it can't!