Friday, March 26, 2010

Garden Post # 2

Our plan is to plant the seeds in the sunroom and if they fail- we buy seedlings.  It does take up a bit of the kids play space, but if the plants are in the house they risk the attack of the Plumpy eating them all.   They will have to come in at night for a bit until it warms up, but I think we can just lock them in the bathroom.

We are going to plant our seeds two ways.  Check out how to make the newspaper starter pots.  You actually plant the whole thing into the ground!

My mom gave us this book to borrow.  It is dated from the 70's, but it should still work!


  1. You are on your way! You should consult with my parents - they are in the process of growing their seedlings in a greenhouse right now. They could probably give you some pointers.

  2. Holy smokes - you are impressing me with your serious gardening mission this year. Good for you!

  3. I'm signing up for the Ablivia CSA next year.

  4. fun to pop into your Blog. I love growing from seeds, so much fun to see when they germinate. So cool to make pots from newspaper rolls, those work great too for sweet peas. I'll keep my fingers crossed it works, sure it will :) Catherine x